De holiday van Vanessa

Vanessa Hudgens is vorige week lekker op vakantie geweest naar Hawaï. En nu deelt ze super leuke holiday pics.

Op de Tumblr van Vanessa verschenen de foto’s met het volgende tekstje erbij.

“Last week I took a much needed getaway to Hawaii with some family and friends and had the time of my liffeeeee! So I wanted to share a few special pics with you from my trip. We did a lil trucking through the Na Pali Coast and I’ve seriously never felt more one with nature. I got to see so many amazing things like this 300 foot waterfall! And things got a little cray cray when I went zip lining through the forest. (Um, hello Tarzan!!) This trip reminded me how important it is to truly appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth.

Now that I’m back home and already missing the island sun, I HAD to add to the Wanderlust board on my Pinterest . Take me backkkkkkk.”

Vanessa dus heeft dus niet alleen maar lekker op het strand gelegen, maar is ook lekker actief geweest in de natuur.